Sunday, May 8, 2011

When nothing works!!

This is the acceptance entry for being awarded the Perfect poet (week44)!! Also, I would like to nominate  Amy for the entry: Smudges! Thank you for the award!!!

It was just another day,
She wanted to jump with joy...
Alas, it was the month of May!
The heat and boredom, nothing to really enjoy!

She went to shop,
there was nothing to buy.
She went to drink till the last drop,
nothing made her high!

It was a misery,
she was pretty restless,
maybe because life was work and all the drudgery!
just nothing to ever leave her breathless...

Such was the state,
when along came her hero, the Khan Dhikra,
with yet another song to make her gyrate!
yes it was Dhinka chika dhinka chika dhinkaa chikaa!

PS: Here it is for all of you- Dhinka Chika Dhinka chika eh eh eh ehhhhh!