Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Love till the end...

He stood there, 14 years in all,

Holding the pomegranate in his hand,
Waiting for her, all set to take her to the fair of the fall.
feeling nervous, he was trying to focus on the plan..

He had to find a moment tonight,
He had to tell her how he felt..

The other kids on the carousel seemed to be enjoying,
He was about to ask, when she said she enjoyed that ride with Mart,
He felt like he was on the verge of destroying,
His heart and his head, both tore him apart..

He wanted to find the moment tonight,
He wanted to tell her how he felt.

As she walks down the rosewood aisle, his heart fills with desire,
A scarlet magnolia decorating her hair, she looks gorgeous in the white lace dress,
Yet he knows, even though he has carried for her a ring of sapphire.
He knows, that he has to confess..

He wanted to find the moment tonight,
He wanted to tell her how he felt.

Her final step and she stands beside him, his eyes fall on the girl in green,
A dreamer since fourteen, yet, never had he thought he'd see this sight,
Even though the bride is, in her own right, a queen;
His eyes behold the grecian woman, it is the girl from the fair and the world seems suddenly bright!

He had to find a moment tonight,
He had to tell her how he felt..

They dance in the moonlight amidst the falling autumn leaves..
In love he continues to believe!

Poets Rally Week #53

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It will happen to you!

 So it was going to be the weekend..
but, unlike the usual plan of things,
thursday had said that him we'd have to send..
so far away that he'll fly away on wings..

She thought to herself in the red blue green of life,
maybe the Bandra fair was going to last just another little while..
off she went to see the what's all the hype,
little did she know, she would walk more than just a mile!

With the bisleri by her side,
she walked admist a thousand others..
just looking for someone to give her a ride..
She was walking past all kinds of cars and then there were honking scooters!

She laid her eyes on this huge white truck,
Quietly sitting in the middle of the mess which she had now begun to dread,
she peered in through the tints and she was star struck!
It really was him, legs held against the dashboard, a fsherman's cap securily covering his forehead!

He kept looking into his phone,
absolutely snug, even amidst chaos...
She stood there for endless seconds, just admiring how his skin shone..
and how he was so comfortable in the mayhem he caused!

When she got pushed by another fan,
did reality really sink!
She had just seen Ranbir Kapoor, the man,
such was the power, that she dint even blink!

She was ecstatic, her day had been made..
making her forget how much she had walked!!

Thank you Thursday Poets Rally for the Perfect Poem Award
  I nominate dakshi for the next award.