Saturday, August 7, 2010


God sent angels..
to ward off all dangers,
are always around,
though we believe only in heaven
they are found...
So take everything in your stride,
even the period of strife...
God will give the strength to endure,
that which has no cure.
Always smile,
It'll help you go an extra mile!
Always remember, life can change in one moment,
& take you from the trough to the crescent!

Come take me..

Come take me,
From the occult ways of the world,
away from the listless feeling of being ruled,
away from the dizziness of friendships annulled,
Come take me..

Away from the twirls of life unknown,
away from the cringes of secrets untold,
away from the shadows of a past undone,
Come take me..


In a times ahead of times,
life rings a meaningful tinkle..
In a land far away,
My heart sings a happy song...
in a hand not so mine,
my fingers entwine...
I'm still the same,
Only complete, with a different name..
Where the sun is brighter,
the nights cooler!
I'm in another world,
It's a new life!!
Another time,
n life is a bouncy rhyme!

To a new beginning!!

There comes a time in everyone's life, where they must choose to live with someone new, someone unknown. In my case, the big decision had been hanging in the air for three years or so.. never really wanting to agree to the thoughts in my mind of being tied down n taking a million responsibilities on me, I shied away from it and lingered on...

Until, I lost the one person who really wanted me to settle down in life. N suddenly it was something I wanted to do for her, or for her soul, i still don't know.. But I'm wishing that where ever she is, she'd be proud of me..

N so I finally said yes. and the mammoth task of finding the one for me commenced. But, it was really difficult coming to terms with the fact that I was to be married and I tried to get out of it many a times. But, I guess it was time to find him, n what really happened was just the opposite, he found me..

Every girl's dream is to have an MB man,  a romantic fairy tale is woven in their hearts since childhood. But, I was a little more- as someone rightly termed- " Over Practical". Not believing in what I read, I often wondered if it really would happen to me some day.. would I have a Prince Charming!?!

N then it just happened, he was my very own version of Prince-educated, cultured, versatile & handsome! I saw him, learnt a little about him and felt that I wanted to know more. Fed by the uncanny curiosity, I would wait for his calls, want him to talk to me, but it seldom happened.. N then I decided i wanted to meet him. And just as it would be, i fell for him.. For his simplicity, for his smile, for his awkward mannerism, for his patient listening, for his ability to make me blabber... (u can see that by now!)

He was my Prince Charming, the one who would take ages to claim his love for me, the one who would make me wait for everything, the one who would care about my comfort, the one who would stay awake just to see me, the one who would make me laugh, the one who would laugh with me, the one who would say there's no "babe" in this world, the one who would talk french for me, the one who would be himself with me!

He's here now and it took him quite some time getting there, I think that's what true love stories are made of- no fairy tale stuff, but
real romance
that is stronger than love at first sight,
slower than a burning desire
& sweeter than Ronaldo's smile! :)