Sunday, September 9, 2012


So, all my life I had heard things like this one got 90 % in class, this one stood 2nd and that one got a scholarship abraod.. I mean, I was an average student up untill class 10, but that's a different story.
The point I'm trying to make here is that I aspired to study in an IIT, well not really, but an IIM for sure.. It's been one of those things for me since childhood.. well adoloscence is more like it. But, it was one dream I didnt fulfill (I appease myself by the mere fact that I got an admission call from IIM Shillong!)

After shuffling through a myraid of stupid, stagnating jobs, I find myself in an organisation where nothing is static.. everything moves (including me) constantly.. the people, the work, the calenders, the work locations! Yes, you name it and it is mobile! So, as a part of my core responsibilties, I get to tour the country's most prestigious institutions- THE IIT's! I'm thrilled beyond belief! Yes, I pinched myself..this was really happening!

So, this is the 1st one I visit. IIT Madras.. Well, the plane when landing into Chennai (old Madras and hence the name for THE IIT :)! ) takes a full U-turn over crystal clear blue waters! and my heart goes.. Mashallah!
I enter the campus, I'm looking around.. well, it sure looks huge! and what do I spot on the roadside, it's a deer! and my heart goes.. Mashallah! I read a signage that reads "Go Slow! Black buck prone area!" I blink twice and read that again! and my heart goes.. Mashallah!
From there, it was work and the students were brilliant, I am impressed! and yes my heart is still going Mashallah!  

So, the next one on the list was IIT Kharagpur. Well, we landed at Kolkata airport and it wasnt really even close to the M of Mashallah.. The route to Kharagpur was quite exasperating, what with all the traffic moving at snails pace and the AC of our Call-out vehicle not working ! So, we made a pit stop at Sher-e-punjab! Those of you who know me, wouldn't be surprised at my ecstacy! The menu was surely hillarious- worth a highlight.. go on.. read it!

Yes, really Jalte rishte! :) So, I changed cars and now I was travelling with not one, not two but FOUR pass-outs of IIT KGP! So, the journey was enjoyable from then, with their animated chatter about Cheddis, auntys and the list is really endless! Finally, we reached! And here I was, at the IIT KGP! Mahsallah! The campus was huge and so was the guest house! There was still time for work to begin so we decided to take a tour! and what do I see! Posters of Cocktail, the new bollywood movie with awesome songs! and show timings! What is that! I am told that's KGP's very own movie theatre! yes, my heart goes Mashallah! Wow.. this just keeps getting better! 

The auditorium for the presentation was pretty huge too! it reminded me of Tagore theatre, somewhat! so, we went on with work late into the night. Post midnight, we decide to go for a Campus tour! Guess what, they have a road that's called 2.2! You want to know why? Because it's that long in kilometers and I just walked all of that! Mashallah! Unbelievable, but true! 

What's more, I had maggi at 2:00am at the canteen of a boys hostel! I think my first maggi at that hour! and at such a location! :) need I mention- Mashallah! I also went for a little bicycle ride and I felt the fresh air on my face! Amazing to be transported to school days just like that! It was Mashallah!

Just like that, time wizzed by and I had to leave! But, let me tell you guys, it really was Mashallah!  and I still had 5 more IIT's to go to! Mashallah..