Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just them now...

He still wore the ring 
he was still alive..

It had been weeks since he had heard from her,
no phone call, not even a message. What had she chosen?
Why had she disappeared into thin air?
Why? Why could he find no reason??

Little Marcus was just about getting used to her absence..
And even as he was getting better at putting Marcus to bed..
All he wanted really, was an answer for this act of quittance.
Why did she leave with everything unsaid??

She looked at her ring..
Even as she breathed her last..

Eight weeks ago, she left everything behind,
For she couldn't tell Marcus,definitely not John..
but, since the tumor had begun making her blind,
She knew, it wasn't going to be long, before she was gone.....

She couldn't inflict the pain on him, for there was nothing he could alter...
Yet she wanted to be remembered with a smile,
So she penned down a little letter,
to explain her exile.

This is my entry for Bluebell Books:  Short Story Slam:  

Friday, October 7, 2011

Some more limericks!

I am going to work,
Seems to me as if it is a nark!
With my boss shouting all day,
Sounds to me like a donkey's hay!
Get me out, take me to swarg!

Pushing and shoving at the station,
Poking elbows without any hesitation,
After yoga class, this is what happens,
Obviously my dreams and hopes it dampens,
Welcome to mumbai-doesn't matter if it's with or without meditation!!

The thought of sunday makes me shudder,
For this aunt comes to meet my mother,
Each time with a proposal from a rich boy,
8 weeks of regular appearances, It appears to me an evil ploy!
There's the doorbell again, Oh! Don't tell me there's still another!

Mayor's competence.. (Limerick)

He says-Love is in the air,
All I see is dust in my hair!
Refusing to see the pollution,
Let alone thinking of a solution!
Oh! He's such a lousy mayor!

POETIC FORMS WK 3 : LIMERICK (Sept. 21-October 2, 2011)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The bubbles may burst!

Life is full of surprise bubbles 
Sometimes, accompanying them are a few troubles.

For instance, what I wished for is this-

when I turned 16, I wanted a bash,
and to walk down a ramp with the "Miss India" sash!

What really happened is this-

The cute guy from class, rang the doorbell at midnight,
With flowers and cake and a card in sight!

What followed was something like this -

Standing in the doorway, I dint know whether to be happy or to be sad,
The only thing I could see clearly, was my angry dad!

The story ended like this -

I said goodbye to my Birthday bash dreams,
All I was allowed the following evening, were just a few ice creams!

It's true-
Life is full of surprise bubbles..
Sometimes, accompanying them are a few troubles!

This is my entry for Bluebell Books:  Short Story Slam: