Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The World is more Indian than you think!

Working in India in a Multi National,
Is there anything irrational?

The most celebrated festival here,
Is not Christmas but Diwali my dear !

For an office party, while the Indian girl decks up in a western dress and looks starry,  
The western one chooses to flaunt her new 6 metre sarree !

Early morning, getting late for work, a pair of jeans and shirt is best.. you know Office wear for dummies!
But wait till you see the Madagascan girl show up in a Salwar kameez !
Dream to set foot abroad for the clear blue waters & white sands,
Don’t go farther than Andaman & Nicobar Islands!

Heard of Middle Eastern cinema in India? I guess not !
But they sure watch our movies- the power of Bollywood we got!

Talk of food and what is spicy and yummy !
It’s our very own Dal Makhani and Chicken Tandoori made by mummy!

Well, says my American Manager,
Another thing she said: “Before I got here and saw the beauty, I perceived India to be a danger!

That was till she met us – The famous Indian (s)!
Just that was enough and we are the friendliest in her Opinion !

Chinese, European and American friends,
Love my country and its emerging trends!

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Friday, October 10, 2014

The magic of life !

It was a quiet morning, the sun shining through the windows, a cup of tea and the newspaper in her hand ! You know the usual humdrum of a normal life! Somewhere in between all this, a realization dawned upon her that life at that moment was just perfect ! Some called it Happy Zone ! Some called it God’s blessing ! Some even said she deserved it !  

She sat at her favorite chair in the cozy balcony in her home away from home ! In her head, the memories of life flashing in Technicolor J and everything that she remembered, every little thing (yes! Really) brought a smile to her face… She tried hard to think of the last time she cried.. as in literally cried and felt annoyed! For those of you who are Bollywood fans would know the question Shahrukh asks for Preity in Kal ho na hoo… who aakhri baar muskurai thi jab ( the last time she smiled was)….. & in her case the answer was pretty much the same… ummm.. ummm… ummm,….. but no answer ! She dint remember the last time she was upset !  She sat in disbelief ! Ecstatic as she was… she sat thinking now: was this really possible? Had her life become magical? For real?

The only answer that she got was YES YES YES ! Her life had taken a 180 degrees turn and she was really in a magical world ! She would normally do Touch wood, but a friend taught her even better: “Thank the Lord!” She knew that THIS is the power of gratitude !

It happened to her ! It can happen to you ! Be grateful every single moment of your life !  Thank the Lord for all that you have ! Crib less, live more , love more ! Gratitude as the key to happiness ! Stay blessed ! J