Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just them now...

He still wore the ring 
he was still alive..

It had been weeks since he had heard from her,
no phone call, not even a message. What had she chosen?
Why had she disappeared into thin air?
Why? Why could he find no reason??

Little Marcus was just about getting used to her absence..
And even as he was getting better at putting Marcus to bed..
All he wanted really, was an answer for this act of quittance.
Why did she leave with everything unsaid??

She looked at her ring..
Even as she breathed her last..

Eight weeks ago, she left everything behind,
For she couldn't tell Marcus,definitely not John..
but, since the tumor had begun making her blind,
She knew, it wasn't going to be long, before she was gone.....

She couldn't inflict the pain on him, for there was nothing he could alter...
Yet she wanted to be remembered with a smile,
So she penned down a little letter,
to explain her exile.

This is my entry for Bluebell Books:  Short Story Slam:  

Friday, October 7, 2011

Some more limericks!

I am going to work,
Seems to me as if it is a nark!
With my boss shouting all day,
Sounds to me like a donkey's hay!
Get me out, take me to swarg!

Pushing and shoving at the station,
Poking elbows without any hesitation,
After yoga class, this is what happens,
Obviously my dreams and hopes it dampens,
Welcome to mumbai-doesn't matter if it's with or without meditation!!

The thought of sunday makes me shudder,
For this aunt comes to meet my mother,
Each time with a proposal from a rich boy,
8 weeks of regular appearances, It appears to me an evil ploy!
There's the doorbell again, Oh! Don't tell me there's still another!

Mayor's competence.. (Limerick)

He says-Love is in the air,
All I see is dust in my hair!
Refusing to see the pollution,
Let alone thinking of a solution!
Oh! He's such a lousy mayor!

POETIC FORMS WK 3 : LIMERICK (Sept. 21-October 2, 2011)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The bubbles may burst!

Life is full of surprise bubbles 
Sometimes, accompanying them are a few troubles.

For instance, what I wished for is this-

when I turned 16, I wanted a bash,
and to walk down a ramp with the "Miss India" sash!

What really happened is this-

The cute guy from class, rang the doorbell at midnight,
With flowers and cake and a card in sight!

What followed was something like this -

Standing in the doorway, I dint know whether to be happy or to be sad,
The only thing I could see clearly, was my angry dad!

The story ended like this -

I said goodbye to my Birthday bash dreams,
All I was allowed the following evening, were just a few ice creams!

It's true-
Life is full of surprise bubbles..
Sometimes, accompanying them are a few troubles!

This is my entry for Bluebell Books:  Short Story Slam:

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Love till the end...

He stood there, 14 years in all,

Holding the pomegranate in his hand,
Waiting for her, all set to take her to the fair of the fall.
feeling nervous, he was trying to focus on the plan..

He had to find a moment tonight,
He had to tell her how he felt..

The other kids on the carousel seemed to be enjoying,
He was about to ask, when she said she enjoyed that ride with Mart,
He felt like he was on the verge of destroying,
His heart and his head, both tore him apart..

He wanted to find the moment tonight,
He wanted to tell her how he felt.

As she walks down the rosewood aisle, his heart fills with desire,
A scarlet magnolia decorating her hair, she looks gorgeous in the white lace dress,
Yet he knows, even though he has carried for her a ring of sapphire.
He knows, that he has to confess..

He wanted to find the moment tonight,
He wanted to tell her how he felt.

Her final step and she stands beside him, his eyes fall on the girl in green,
A dreamer since fourteen, yet, never had he thought he'd see this sight,
Even though the bride is, in her own right, a queen;
His eyes behold the grecian woman, it is the girl from the fair and the world seems suddenly bright!

He had to find a moment tonight,
He had to tell her how he felt..

They dance in the moonlight amidst the falling autumn leaves..
In love he continues to believe!

Poets Rally Week #53

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It will happen to you!

 So it was going to be the weekend..
but, unlike the usual plan of things,
thursday had said that him we'd have to send..
so far away that he'll fly away on wings..

She thought to herself in the red blue green of life,
maybe the Bandra fair was going to last just another little while..
off she went to see the what's all the hype,
little did she know, she would walk more than just a mile!

With the bisleri by her side,
she walked admist a thousand others..
just looking for someone to give her a ride..
She was walking past all kinds of cars and then there were honking scooters!

She laid her eyes on this huge white truck,
Quietly sitting in the middle of the mess which she had now begun to dread,
she peered in through the tints and she was star struck!
It really was him, legs held against the dashboard, a fsherman's cap securily covering his forehead!

He kept looking into his phone,
absolutely snug, even amidst chaos...
She stood there for endless seconds, just admiring how his skin shone..
and how he was so comfortable in the mayhem he caused!

When she got pushed by another fan,
did reality really sink!
She had just seen Ranbir Kapoor, the man,
such was the power, that she dint even blink!

She was ecstatic, her day had been made..
making her forget how much she had walked!!

Thank you Thursday Poets Rally for the Perfect Poem Award
  I nominate dakshi for the next award.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

When nothing works!!

This is the acceptance entry for being awarded the Perfect poet (week44)!! Also, I would like to nominate  Amy for the entry: Smudges! Thank you for the award!!!

It was just another day,
She wanted to jump with joy...
Alas, it was the month of May!
The heat and boredom, nothing to really enjoy!

She went to shop,
there was nothing to buy.
She went to drink till the last drop,
nothing made her high!

It was a misery,
she was pretty restless,
maybe because life was work and all the drudgery!
just nothing to ever leave her breathless...

Such was the state,
when along came her hero, the Khan Dhikra,
with yet another song to make her gyrate!
yes it was Dhinka chika dhinka chika dhinkaa chikaa!

PS: Here it is for all of you- Dhinka Chika Dhinka chika eh eh eh ehhhhh!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Together forever!

It's Panvel, maybe Lonavala could've been better..
they made me make drawings & poetry, even my obituary letter!
It's a workshop called Leading Change,
They say it helps if the mobile is out of range!

I can say it was quite enriching,
not because the motive was to have a purpose worth achieving,
but, because I met people with whom I had an enjoyable time,
In less than a day, we were partners in crime!

We together enjoyed the pool and the moon...
Also, the naga muka! & even though the days end soon..
I hope the friendships continue forever..
Even though Gujju bhai may come to Mumbai never!

May the endless chats go on and on,
May we remember each other even when we are gone!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sexy surprises!

A weekend at the Mumbai times cafe and then the Goa den,
It proceeded to WTF, ended with two drunk men!
Returned at three as usual with the beauty nap on till nine,
Sunday was super with shopping and fine dine..

I say unexpected places have best surprises on any day,
If you try the Indian Tea centre, than Not just Jazz by the bay!
Life is smooth, I say touch wood,
I hope it goes on like this, forever dude!

What's more, I've learnt a new mantra, listen up Lexie,
It says, " I know I'm very sexy!"

Childhood Days!

The blue and white of school uniforms,
The hustle and bustle early in the morns..
A game of hop-scotch and barbie dolls, 
The empty pages and drawings on the walls..
Oh! Childhood days, I wish a little longer you stayed!

The cycle races and swimming championships,
The million crushes and all the heartbreak hardships!
The begging for free periods & singing of Christmas carols,
the terminal exams & the accolades and laurels..
Oh! Childhood days, I wish a little longer you stayed!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Silence and Tears..

This is the acceptance entry for being awarded the Perfect poet (week40)!! Also, I would like to nominate rajlakshmi for her entry: Song of eternal wait !

This Poem was awarded the Poem of the Week Award here:  
Week 7, Gooseberry Garden!

As she lay her eyes on the sparkling diamond in his hand,
she could hardly believe, it was happening & she would need, for him, a band!
Little did she realise, it wasn't for her,
until he said-" What would she say? Tell me, as if you it were..."

The smile faded, the sparkle in her eyes died..
In the end, it was her who cried.
Forever alone, she felt herself to be..
incapable she'd become to feel the love that everyone else could see..

She said to the empty heart in her sleep,
"how do I 'move on' when in remembrance I weep.."
She'd lived all she wanted to,
there was no purpose, nothing more to do..

She moved to a new city; changed workplaces,
yet everything still carried his traces..
what he would have said, what he'd have done..
The same scent, the same voice in her head; With him everywhere, how far could she run?

She stopped one day, sat by the waves,
thinking of him and what she craves..
It wasn't love, it wasn't him, it wasn't memories, not the promises;
she just wanted his presence like water in the crevices..

that comes and goes, but never stays..
the shore never has any hopes to raise
like the wind that blows
the flake that snows
they come and go,
but, never in parting have any sorrow to show.

To freedom to call and to talk,
to hear little trivia on the long long walk,
to see him everyday & to share ghost stories for hours,
bicker over tea or coffee & whether he's really from Mars!

She's living in a vaccum, with no rescue,
There's only darkness, but maybe with a silver hue!

My entry for:
Poetry Picnic Week 7: Love and Loss
Gooseberry Garden:

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happiness maybe..

Many a times I sit and wonder,
why we act and then ponder!
its never the other way round...
the world is one messed up ground!

You know it would be so much simpler,
if we could just live without looking like a crimpler..
like the famous Buffet and Gate,
the eyes of everyone sans all hate!

Alas, reality checks are but missing,
and don't come without the reactive hissing!
When seldom do we think..
Then it's natural that often we sink..

There are regrets and rememberences,
the rest are just futile wishes..
seeking the world for happiness,
when it really lies in loneliness!

Be with yourself today,
and you'll be on the happiness way!

This poem has been published as a part of Thursday Poets Rally, Week 40

Thursday, March 17, 2011

To have loved and lost..

He is an enigma,
an intellect and decidely indifferent,
She is vivacious, a lesser enigma,
woman & child at once, yet a little distant.

Furtive glances are exchanged,
coffee outings are framed,
pitter patter of raindrops is heard,
Everything is said without a word..

More intimate now, they read morning papers together,
go shopping for groceries in the most romantic weather.
They look perfect, are inseparable
losing each other, the thought is unbearable.

Another day, another story,
there he is, with someone, maybe temporary.
She wonders, one arguement could break us?
Cries & shouts, could he really transgress?

To get him back, she moves heaven and earth,
he cannot see what she is worth..
She resigns, wishes him well,
in solitude, her eyes bleed & swell..

She sees them everyday, share meals & rides,
workplace isn't always paradise.
No one to answer her plea,
She is miles away from the hint of glee..

Repeated efforts and all come to a naught,
but really,to have loved and lost?
Soon they will tie the knot,
while she is torn in colors for the cot..

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A visit to the neighbour next door!

The 2230 Goa bound Volvo is now stopping for the fourth time. This time its for tea in Goa at 0715. The next few hours are the most difficult I think, with no beach in sight and nothing different about this ride than the one in Morni hills in Chandigarh. Oh, how I want to see a beach now. As my co-passenger is comfortably asleep, wrapped in the beach towel in the numbing temperature of the bus, I think to myself that its probably after a wait of years, ever since the failed plan when I was still in school, that I am finally getting to Goa..

The feeling is unparalleled. You know when you really want something for years and then one fine day, you just get it. You don't even know how to revel in the joy of it all. You think there hasn't been much time to celebrate, but this journey has really given me the time to think, assess, thank and celebrate.

Getting off at the Mapusa stand, it is the sweltering heat that de-freezes him instantly and his complaints begin. Ignoring it all, I want take a good first look at Goa. Before anything registers, a hoard of taxi and auto drivers surround us, let the bargaining begin.

The auto looks like a little vintage piece, with doors on either side complete with the slider windows, alongwith curtains separating the driver from us! Very cozy, unlike Goa as I will learn shortly. With no beach in sight, I'm beginning to lose patience. But, just as I'm about to alight, I see before myself, the vast expanse of the deep blue waters stretching till infinity and the warm beige carpet of sand welcoming me.      

As I walk towards the water, the sand tries hard to contain me where I am. I reach the shore, but my co-passenger insists we check in and come back later. It's as if I'm being punished, inflicted with this strange pain. I return, after 60 minutes of deprivation. This time, I run towards it, with such passion, that only the salt of it all brings me back. It is bliss, or something more, I dont know.

What I do know is: It felt pristine when the waves touched my feet for the first time. I came to know what it was to have earth move beneath me. I called out to myself, repeating one word, "Goddess", a zillion times. I noticed shells, that waves would leave and take back again. I wrote my name only to see it get washed away. I tasted sea. I held sand in my palm. I had a dream come true. It was overwhelming & I'll sum it up in this urdu couplet:

Jalwa baqadr-e-zarf-e-nazar dekhte rahe
Kya dekhte hum unko magar dekhte rahe

Many hours, perhaps a day later..

Trying to lounge in the beach bed at the shack, I was not alone. Accompanying me were the water sports gang, the tattoo artists, the braider, the fruit seller, the little girl with papads of all shapes, the sellers with shells, books, video CDs, hair accessories & stoles! The beach was a sight to behold with the swarm of foreigners; trying to get that much wanted tan; blend in effortlessly with the chuda-clad couples, the castle builders, the India SA match watchers & groups of friends everywhere.

I get my adrenaline rush with para-sailing amidst hallucinated glimpses of Salman Khan as I ride the water scooter. The bumper ride ended before it could start, and the banana ride leaves me breathless and alkaline! The butterfly tattoo on my ankle is nearly washed away in my joyous chapp-chapp with the sea & its waves. The braider manages to get the orange, purple and fluroscent green hue in my hair as I sip on another bottle of Coke, not Kings beer!

It is great to lie here and then to just lie here. The sojourns around town for shopping aren't very therapeutic as the responses I get are rude and arrogant especially the night market! So, it's great to just lie here. It's peaceful even though it's not serene. It's beautiful, even though it's not crystal clean. It is breath taking. It's my favourite neighbour.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Land of Dreams...

A city lined with intricate blue & red mosques,
what a feeling it was, walking on the cobbled sidewalks!
& then there was 56.6 metres of dome height,
complete with the golden hue of the diwali kinds light!

The local band impressing us with "awara hun"
and us posing as pyar hua iqrar hua in the rainy noon!
The boards have weird dotted alphabets for names,
but locals give us all directions & click us for picture frames!

Great bargains at the bazaars,
oh, the smell of sweet baklavas,
There was Starbucks & hot tea in all flavours,
but, the 360 rose wine I want to savour!

Clear skies and snow laced ground..
The blue of water & its soothing sound..
a bus ride on the deep blue sea,
and on the deck there was tea!

A delight to see the trojan horse,
& then we advanced to cotton castles ofcourse..
Splendid were the Suji ka halwa in wafers,
& the free 'foreign' langars!

An ancient roman city with a glorious past..
& we were back to the start..
Sunshine replaced snowy days,
the Palace jewels left us in a daze!

On the plane and here now,
the trip was really wow!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Is it love or is it music?

He stood there in the courtyard, thinking of what life had been and what it held in store for him. A tumultous 2 years had preceeded him, leaving him weary and tired of the world in general. People he'd never really cared for. And when he did, he was let down.

Not knowing where to go, he just stood there.. Stood there thinking what he needed to do next, to set right all the wrongs he'd done...

He found himself a quiet little corner in the dimly lit blue pub. Sipping on a chilled can of strong beer, all he could think of was her..

She was pretty,
a spanish piece
He'd called her Vivacious,
& said shine on you crazy diamond
Her childlike exhuberence,
Yet being comfortably numb
Her Innocence,
yet being another brick in the wall.
she was Compassionate,
& he wish(ed) you were here
She was Courageous,
even when the tigers broke free..

It had been a beautiful relationship from where he could see.. just the perfect one anyone could ever have,

All the moonlit walks,
and the late night talks,
the long drives,
all the right vibes!

She spoke of it as..

all the strangling & mishandling,
the disrespect and cribbing,
the sreams and tears,
being stuck in lie gears..

And so she had shut her out.. out of her life as she started afresh. And here he was, broken.

Had it been good riddance?
Was it a boulevard of broken dreams?
Was it fake plastic?
or was it that he dint know his enemy?

It was over, but was his tragedy?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Real Music! :P

The head banging heavy metal thing that plays in my house almost every weekend and occasionaly on a weekday has finally given way to real music...

Thank God for the major power cut the other day when i decided to go and watch Tanu weds Manu!Well technically it applies to me.. My hubby's nick name and my childhood name, before I went to school figure in the title! :P

The movie is such a refreshing take on arranged marriages.. I really enjoyed myself, more so cuz I was alone.. free to think and feel whatever I wanted! :) All in all, I'd say an amazing movie for all those thinking of getting married.

So, I'm sitting rolling in laughter, and then suddenly the soundtrack catches my attention! None other than the evergreen Wadali brothers! I loved every bit of the movie after the track played in the background for the rest of it!

The movie has a message for all confused girls at the threshhold of jingling wedding bells! Well, i'd sum it up as: "Decide well in time who you want, else the ending wont be as happy!"

Anyway, I come home and my love for them is renewed.. Renewed because I spent most of 2009 travelling listening to one of their songs on a repeat for 4 hours straight! And mind you I did it religiously, every week I was travelling...

Its magical the world they take you to.. Inexplicable, so go and check it out for yourself..


Also you can download the latest Rangrez mere from the movie itself..

I know you will love it!

Monday, February 14, 2011

This one's for you!!

It was just this morning that I was wondering, what is the big deal about it all.... Valentines and shit! I mean if you have someone to make you feel special and all, good for you! but if you don't, you are so damn dull the whole day.. but then i thought, really? is that true?

And then I picked up the phone and said Happy Valentine's Day Mama! n there I was happy, she was happy I wished alot of other people and they all had a smile across their faces! so there really is somethin to this day..

So I'm going out today, buying mysef that dress I've been eyeing for weeks now! I'm going to also do something creative.. only I don't know what yet! I will buy that red pillow! and Yes I'm wearing red too! :)

Happiness and love is there if you feel it! you just have to go and find your love and ensure each day is a valentine's day for you!!

Hamesha and forever
I will let you go never!
Hamesha and forever
to my heart's will, I surrender...
Hamesha and forever
cuz you are my believer!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

As time goes by..

Railways & me..
A very rare occurrence u see..
It’s the second time now,
It almost feels like a wedding wow!

We were together the last time around,
And now in sweet memories my heart is drowned!
Awaiting the end of the hour of separation,
My heart jumps at tomorrow’s mention!

I wish forever that we may never be apart,
Because I love you too much sweetheart!
I picture you standing there,
In the black t-shirt you wear..

I peep out the door,
and whats more,
I run towards you forgetting all else,
Its heaven, worth a million hells!

I’m wrapped around you,
There’s nothing more that I want to do,
Than to feel your body against mine,
And to be assured, you are sweeter than wine..

& Time stands still,
Or does it go by?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Don't go alone!!!

Life is great and its a ride,
well what am I doing buying tide!
ha ha, its quite a shift, a paradigm one,
but no one's regretting now that its done!

I was the one whining about it,
n I still do, when reality takes a hit!
but, I just want to be like this forever,
happy with nothing to worry over!

Full of perfect moments,
sprayed on with my favourite scents,
mixed with a lit bit of this and a lil bit of that..
maybe a dog and even a cat!

I think I could get used to this,
the morning bed hugs and the kiss,
all the funny names,
these playful games!

oh how I don't want you to go,
for four days in a row,
I'll miss you and your touch,
the misery is such!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I love you!

As I look out my window,
I see a million stars..
I did star gazing with him, not so long ago...
The moment was just ours !

As I take a sip of wine,
I remember Turkey and its snows…
& how we drank together at new year’s dine,
My longing only grows!

As I indulge myself in sweets,
I picture him in my mind..
Relentlessly pursuing me to give up the treats,
His mission, self assigned!

I cant live like this for long,
I need him around,
So I can sing for him my favorite song…
& irritate him like a hound!

Come back my baby,
Hold me in your arms,
To never let go,
but to bewilder me forever with your charms!