Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Together forever!

It's Panvel, maybe Lonavala could've been better..
they made me make drawings & poetry, even my obituary letter!
It's a workshop called Leading Change,
They say it helps if the mobile is out of range!

I can say it was quite enriching,
not because the motive was to have a purpose worth achieving,
but, because I met people with whom I had an enjoyable time,
In less than a day, we were partners in crime!

We together enjoyed the pool and the moon...
Also, the naga muka! & even though the days end soon..
I hope the friendships continue forever..
Even though Gujju bhai may come to Mumbai never!

May the endless chats go on and on,
May we remember each other even when we are gone!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sexy surprises!

A weekend at the Mumbai times cafe and then the Goa den,
It proceeded to WTF, ended with two drunk men!
Returned at three as usual with the beauty nap on till nine,
Sunday was super with shopping and fine dine..

I say unexpected places have best surprises on any day,
If you try the Indian Tea centre, than Not just Jazz by the bay!
Life is smooth, I say touch wood,
I hope it goes on like this, forever dude!

What's more, I've learnt a new mantra, listen up Lexie,
It says, " I know I'm very sexy!"

Childhood Days!

The blue and white of school uniforms,
The hustle and bustle early in the morns..
A game of hop-scotch and barbie dolls, 
The empty pages and drawings on the walls..
Oh! Childhood days, I wish a little longer you stayed!

The cycle races and swimming championships,
The million crushes and all the heartbreak hardships!
The begging for free periods & singing of Christmas carols,
the terminal exams & the accolades and laurels..
Oh! Childhood days, I wish a little longer you stayed!