Friday, January 28, 2011

As time goes by..

Railways & me..
A very rare occurrence u see..
It’s the second time now,
It almost feels like a wedding wow!

We were together the last time around,
And now in sweet memories my heart is drowned!
Awaiting the end of the hour of separation,
My heart jumps at tomorrow’s mention!

I wish forever that we may never be apart,
Because I love you too much sweetheart!
I picture you standing there,
In the black t-shirt you wear..

I peep out the door,
and whats more,
I run towards you forgetting all else,
Its heaven, worth a million hells!

I’m wrapped around you,
There’s nothing more that I want to do,
Than to feel your body against mine,
And to be assured, you are sweeter than wine..

& Time stands still,
Or does it go by?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Don't go alone!!!

Life is great and its a ride,
well what am I doing buying tide!
ha ha, its quite a shift, a paradigm one,
but no one's regretting now that its done!

I was the one whining about it,
n I still do, when reality takes a hit!
but, I just want to be like this forever,
happy with nothing to worry over!

Full of perfect moments,
sprayed on with my favourite scents,
mixed with a lit bit of this and a lil bit of that..
maybe a dog and even a cat!

I think I could get used to this,
the morning bed hugs and the kiss,
all the funny names,
these playful games!

oh how I don't want you to go,
for four days in a row,
I'll miss you and your touch,
the misery is such!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I love you!

As I look out my window,
I see a million stars..
I did star gazing with him, not so long ago...
The moment was just ours !

As I take a sip of wine,
I remember Turkey and its snows…
& how we drank together at new year’s dine,
My longing only grows!

As I indulge myself in sweets,
I picture him in my mind..
Relentlessly pursuing me to give up the treats,
His mission, self assigned!

I cant live like this for long,
I need him around,
So I can sing for him my favorite song…
& irritate him like a hound!

Come back my baby,
Hold me in your arms,
To never let go,
but to bewilder me forever with your charms!