Monday, February 14, 2011

This one's for you!!

It was just this morning that I was wondering, what is the big deal about it all.... Valentines and shit! I mean if you have someone to make you feel special and all, good for you! but if you don't, you are so damn dull the whole day.. but then i thought, really? is that true?

And then I picked up the phone and said Happy Valentine's Day Mama! n there I was happy, she was happy I wished alot of other people and they all had a smile across their faces! so there really is somethin to this day..

So I'm going out today, buying mysef that dress I've been eyeing for weeks now! I'm going to also do something creative.. only I don't know what yet! I will buy that red pillow! and Yes I'm wearing red too! :)

Happiness and love is there if you feel it! you just have to go and find your love and ensure each day is a valentine's day for you!!

Hamesha and forever
I will let you go never!
Hamesha and forever
to my heart's will, I surrender...
Hamesha and forever
cuz you are my believer!

Happy Valentine's Day!!